Six Advantages of Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Technique

Aging makes the skin loosen up and look dull, especially as one approaches the 50’s. Although this is a naturally occurring condition, no one wants to see themselves with loose skin, everyone wants to maintain tight skin with a youthful complexion.

Fortunately, there are techniques that can help to tighten your skin and make it look younger than your age. The most widely used technique to date is the non-surgical skin tightening procedure. The non-surgical procedure eliminates the risks and side-effects posed by other techniques such as Thermage.

What is non-surgical skin tightening and what can it do for you?

Benefits of non-surgical skin tightening

  • Slows the ageing process

The non-surgical skin tightening stimulates the growth of collagen tissue that aids in tightening the skin. This helps to slow down the ageing process and your skin looks a bit younger than it should be.

  • Improved elasticity

By undergoing a non-surgical skin tightening procedure, your skin becomes tighter and more elastic. Thus, your facial features will be well defined and the body attains a more contoured shape. All these are meant to ensure that your skin looks younger and healthier.

  • Reduction of natural lines

The non-surgical skin tightening technique ensures that the deep folds and wrinkles are filled with the collagen tissues which are produced during the treatment process. This gives the skin a smooth and younger complexion.

  • Natural results.

For the surgical skin tightening process, the procedure forces the skin to stretch in unusual ways. This can pose a lot of risks and the skin may end up getting damaged. On the other hand, non-surgical skin tightening makes use of the body’s natural restoration process that greatly minimises post-treatment risks. For non-surgical treatment, the outcomes are usually present after two to five years. The results can last for a long time with just a single treatment. However, constant treatment can assist in maintaining the desired outcomes.

  • No downtime

With non-surgical skin tightening, you will not experience any downtime. This means that you are free to commence your daily activities immediately after the treatment procedure. It is a suitable technique for clients who can’t find time to stay away from their jobs. It is also less painful as compared to the surgical treatment, hence you won’t feel pain while working.

  • Minimal discomfort

Lastly, the non-surgical treatment procedure offers minimal discomfort to clients and it will be over before you even notice it. Some of the surgical treatments like the Thermage are painful during administration and can cause a lot of discomfort.

Is non-surgical skin tightening recommended?

When you are looking for the right solution to your skin condition, it is hard choosing between surgical skin tightening and non-surgical skin tightening because both of them can give you the desired result. However, one of the techniques will be less painful and give out more desired outcomes than the other.

With surgical skin tightening procedures, there are a lot of dangers from the equipment used because they emit harmful radiations that if not well controlled, can lead to serious conditions. Both techniques have been thoroughly examined and found to be effective in skin tightening procedures, but if the choice is anything to go by, then you should consider going for the non-surgical skin tightening technique. This way, you won’t expose your skin to a lot of danger and you will get the results just in a short period.



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