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Hair Color, Trends for Autumn 2020

A change of hair look. In fact, in summer the hair is subjected to stress, especially if you spend whole days at the sea under the sun; so they tend to get ruined. For this reason, with the approach of autumn, many women to revive their hair choose to cut it, but also to touch up or change the color . Speaking of color, let’s discover together the trends of autumn 2020 which is almost upon us.

Hair color, the trends of autumn: from pearl blonde to jet black
Blond is a shade of color that never sets, especially because it has so many shades. However, if in the past years especially golden blond, more or less light, was in fashion, in recent years the trend of super-light hair has developed. In fact, more and more women, even very young, show off, for example, gray or white hair. This year, in addition to these nuances, the pearl blonde will be in trend , a very light shade of platinum blonde .

This type of dye is especially designed for those with a fair complexion, but there are various shades that suit everyone. For example, the ash-blond (ash blonde) is also suitable to medium-light complexions and will also in vogue this fall because it combines both long cuts both shorter ones.

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