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What Is Castor Oil and Where Is It Found

The benefits of castor oil on hair , this is in fact a natural remedy capable of hindering hair loss by acting directly on the hair bulb. The filtration and cold pressing of the castor seeds allow to obtain a natural oil with a slightly yellow color. Beauticians recommend applying it also on the eyebrows to facilitate hair growth before giving the desired shape.

Over the centuries, this natural ingredient has found use in various sectors. To name a few, we can tell you that it was used during the First World War to lubricate aircraft engines, while in the leather goods sector it was used as a softener for tanned leathers. The laxative properties are still a feature of confirmed ‘ castor oil . The Chinese people were the first to use castor oil as a natural beauty product. You can buy it both in pharmacies and in herbal medicine at a low selling price. Used on the scalp it is safe and has no contraindications, but remember that castor oil darkens the hair, even if only temporarily.

The properties of castor oil on the hair
L ‘on the hair castor oil works against baldness, in fact, the reinforcing properties and moisturizing of’ castor oil is a panacea to combat dry hair and weakened. By using castor oil on wet or dry hair regularly you can cope with the annoyingfrizz effect, and by constantly applying castor oil-bas

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